Welcome to your Mini Q Gap™ Survey

The Mini Q Gap™ survey is a unique way to help you identify possible health issues that may be affecting your quality of life.

While there are thousands of diseases that we are aware of today, there are only hundreds of symptoms. A disease is defined by a number of symptoms confirmed by diagnostic testing. So it's so much easier to ask you about your symptoms to get a sense of how healthy you are.

"Q" represents your QUALITY of LIFE!

We believe you can only be truly healthy if you are symptom-free and have a 'Q' score of close to zero.

This Mini Survey is based on over 50,000 people who have answered a full Q Gap™. You'll now be able to quickly learn how well you are doing based on the Top 10 most common symptoms found in past surveys.

The 'gap' between your actual score and the ideal score of ZERO represents an opportunity to improve your health through effective personal health management strategies and practices to lower your symptom load.

Important Facts About Your Symptom Profiler and your Mini Q Gap™ Score

This survey is intended to raise your awareness of symptoms that negatively impact upon your well-being and your ability to live your life to the fullest.

The multiple-choice questions probe for presence, frequency and intensity of 10 symptoms which could be associated with disease and emotional states, all of which impair energy, stamina and concentration - issues that affect your day-to-day quality of life.

The Mini Q Gap™ does not assess for disease risk nor does it diagnose disease. It is intended to provide you with helpful prompts to initiate dialogue with your healthcare provider.

The Mini Q Gap™ does not collect any personal information that can identify you. Therefore your privacy is fully maintained.

I have read the information about Mini Q Gap™ and acknowledge it is not a medical survey.